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    CNC Machining Services For Newcastle From Trusted Engineers

    CNC Machining

    Specialising in CNC machining, Wilson & Oliver Engineering Pty Ltd can create a range of quality products and machines, using technology to deliver superior results. Computer machining is a more efficient way to manufacture and repair items and also prevents wastage, using only the exact amount of materials necessary for the job.

    With more than 30 years' experience in the engineering trade, we've adapted over the years to incorporate computer machining into our services and have the skills to deliver whatever you need in the Newcastle area.

    Some advantages of using CNC (computer) machining

    • It’s more precise and consistent than manual machining
    • It can create more complex shapes
    • It can be used to produce 3D shapes
    • Products produced are of a higher quality
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    Precision engineering

    At Wilson & Oliver Engineering Pty Ltd, we’re dedicated to producing products that are of the highest quality for our customers, and with computer machining, we can guarantee this. No matter what parts or machines you need, we can promptly create intricately detailed and made-to-measure items that meet your exact specifications.

    With CNC machining, we can harness technology to produce faster and better results, while still retaining our competitive pricing for your convenience. Whether you work in the agricultural, industrial or mining industry – or anywhere else – just talk to our team for more information.

    Call us today on 02 4967 1166 or 0425 268 310 for more information about our computer machining services in Sandgate.

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